Maine Cars – Member Car Shopping Service

Maine Cars was developed as a car shopping program to help Credit Union members with the challenging process of buying a new or pre-owned automobile.

Today, nearly 90% of car buyers visit the internet before shopping for their next vehicle; the number of millennials doing this is even greater. As a result, members are exposed to multiple finance competitors during their online research on many car shopping websites, which increases the chances of a Credit Union losing member loans. The key to helping retain your current member auto loans is to start by offering the Maine Cars service from your Credit Union homepage.  Maine Cars offers many great car shopping services, including:


Financing advice that contrasts the difference between credit union financing vs. competitor financing, along with your online auto loan application and loan rates. Additionally, a loan calculator is provided to help members determine monthly payments based on vehicle cost, terms, down payments and interest rates.


Your local preferred dealers are listed with contact information, bio, and picture. It also lists the dealership logo, map, and directions.


NADA values for used cars, classic cars, power sports vehicles, RV’s and marine vehicles free of any finance competitors links or advertisements.


Daily updated inventory from preferred dealers along with e-mail notification when a member sends a preferred dealer a price quote request on a vehicle.

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