Indirect Lending

CULANE is a full-service indirect lending program, developed by Credit Unions for Credit Unions.  We provide the expertise and best practices to manage a program that will help your Credit Union grow your auto loan portfolio, including:

  • Dealer sign-up and dealer representation
  • Credit Analysts with extended weekday and weekend hours
  • Loan underwriting and decisions by live analysts
  • Loan processing and electronic funding
  • Member Car Shopping Program
  • Credit Union staff training

With CULANE indirect lending services, your Credit Union controls the desired monthly loan volume as well as the level of risk, through loan policy parameters, credit scoring models, and applicant stability predictors.

Because CULANE handles everything from loan application origination to loan funding, your Credit Union has minimal systems and personnel expenses and never the need to fluctuate staffing when your desired indirect loan volumes change.

CULANE’s indirect lending program can be a complement to your Credit Union’s lending strategy and meet your members’ financing needs. Here are CULANE benefits:

Members appreciate the convenience of one-stop car shopping and Credit Union financing; when we represent your Credit Union at the dealership, this increases the likelihood that members will continue to do business with your Credit Union rather than your finance competitors.

Successful indirect lending for your Credit Union, without a sizeable investment, is possible when you choose CULANE. When members have the opportunity to finance their auto loan at the dealership through your Credit Union, your loan volume has the potential to increase dramatically.

With CULANE, you can deliver the Credit Union difference to new members who may not be aware of their eligibility. What could be better than gaining a new member with an interest-bearing auto loan?

Please contact us so we can tell you more!

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